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"A Jesting Pilate: The Great Books and Today's Students," by Mark Thamert, OSB, 2002

"The Classics in the Slums," by Jonathan Rose, City Journal, Autumn 2004

"About the Greatness of the Great Books," by Eva Brann, given at Notre Dame University for the 50th Anniversary of their Program in Liberal Studies

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"The Moral Obligation to be Intelligent,"  by John Erskine, 1915

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"To shine like the fire that mirrors nothing': The Loneliness of the Liberal Arts," by Madeline Grumet, in Studies in the Literary Imagination, April, 1998

An essay-length book review of Liberal Education by Mark Van Doren (1943), one of the best books on the subject, by Peter Carbone, in Educational Studies, Fall, 1996

"Abolish English Teachers? Why Not?"  by Edward B. Smith, in American Secondary Education, 1996

"On the Uses of Liberal Education: As a Weapon," by Earl Shorris, in Harper's, September, 1997

"On the Uses of Liberal Education: As Lite Entertainment," by Mark Edmundson, in Harper's, September, 1997

"The Professor's Lament," by Carol Ianonne, in Commentary, November, 1998

Selected passages from books by Robert M. Hutchins


The National Paideia Center    One of two groups supporting the Paideia Proposal

The Paideia Group:     The other group supporting the Paideia Proposal

The Core Knowledge Foundation:    E.D. Hirsch's educational foundation home page, with links to lesson plans for K-8 based on Hirsch's notion of "cultural literacy".

Another Core Knowledge Foundation page.

Classical Christian Homeschooling: classical education and its practical application in K-12 for homeschooling

The Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education

Gateway to the Great Books


Comprehensive list of college "great books" programs

American Academy for Liberal Education

Classical Education links, a site from UCSB.

Classical Education tutorials on line.

Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, a Catholic version of the "Great Books" program

St. John's College, the most significant and successful collegiate version of the "Great Books" program

Loyola College in Maryland and its Honors Program

Seton Hall University Honors Program with syllabi for Honors courses

College of  Charleston Honors Program with a syllabus for a colloquium in Western civilization

St. Mary's College (California) and its Collegiate Seminars

The Washington Classical Society

Sample syllabi for studies in ancient, early modern, and modern political thought



Project Gutenberg

ALEX Catalog of Electronic Texts Great Books online

Liberal Education Bibliography:   the best list of sources anywhere with many links to full texts


History of Mathematics



National Geographic Society

Shakespeare on the Web

The Cornell Theory Center Math And Science Gateway

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