Lesson 1: Introducing the Story

Reading Standard 2.0
Domain:    Reading
Strand:    Reading Comprehension
Substrand:    Comprehension and Analysis of Grade-Level-Appropriate Text
Standard:    2.6 Recognize cause and effect relationships in a text.
                   2.7 Interpert information from diagrams, charts, and graphs.

Objective:    TLW identify cause and effect relationship between Wendell's room and the pigs in Mark Teague's Pigsty.

Key Vocabulary:    scrubbed

Anticipatory Set / Accessing Prior Knowledge: TTW ask students if their bedrooms have ever been messy.  TTW ask if anyone has ever had their bedroom called a pigsty.

Input:    TTW read the story, Pigsty by Mark Teague, to the class.  TLW follow along in their own book.

Model and Guided Practice:   Using a chart divided into two sections labled Little andBig TTW record student suggested problems that start out small and get big (ie. not brushing your teeth can result in cavities and having to get your teeth drilled). TLW also identify the cause for the little problem turning into a big problem.

Check for Understanding:   TTW ask students to each give an example of a little problem that can become a big problem.

Evaluation:  Is the student able to identify the cause and effect relationship between Wendell's room and the pigs?
                    Is the student able to identify a little problem that can become a big problem?
                    Is the student able to identify the cause that effected the problem?

Adaptations:    Appraisal of prior knowledge, hands-on materials, vocabulary instruction, step-by-step directions, repetition, examples, modeling, cooperative grouping

Classroom Management:    Whole-group, teacher directed: All students will be expected to face front and focus durring anticipatory set and practice portions of the lesson.  Students will be expected to follow the story and remain on task durring the teacher directed reading portion of the lesson.

Extension Activity:    TLW write a list of little to big problems along with the cause of growth of the problem.

Self-Reflection:    This lesson went very well. All students appeared to be interested and on task.  The students enjoyed the story and had many ideas for other problems that could grow and become worse if not taken care of right away.

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